A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

In the world of Syx you build big and fight big. You manage things such as diplomacy, dynamic trade and a scheming nobility. 

Early access sometime in 2020.

Check out the free prototype here and keep an eye on these channels for more information:

Official Site, Twitter, YouTube, Discord, Reddit

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  • Scale: Population caps and army sizes are 5-digits, while still sticking to the near 1:1 scale of traditional village-simulators. 
  • Nobility: In the colony phase you will be busy managing individual subjects, but as you grow you can elevate your favorite plebs to positions of prominence and have them help you govern and boost different parts of your city and empire. Beware though, as even your most trusted and beloved friends might secretly forge plans to usurp you.
  • Influence: Being a ruler doesn't necessarily mean absolute power. You must grow and maintain your influence over time by accommodating your plebs and your nobility and be forced to make choices that lies in their interest rather than your own. If you overstep you can expect riots, betrayals, invasions and emigration.
  • Dynamic Culture: Races and factions will start with a certain mindset and culture, but there is nothing stopping and influential king from molding an unique identity for their people. You will be able to dictate to your own laws and policies, to sophisticate or plunge your civilization in savagery. 
  • Trade: Anyone can set up a self-sustaining shithole anywhere. But if you want a city and later, an empire, you need to get into the game of trading where goods are priced by supply and demand and wars and fierce diplomacy is waged for the control of goods and trade-routes. 
  • Maintenance:  Every construction you build and every technology you research will require maintenance in the form of labor and resources. Failing to deliver that might cause ripples that can quickly collapse a once mighty civilization.  
  • Modding: The game itself is built like a mod of simple text-files, sprite sheets and a few scripts. It will be easy and encouraged to make your own races, stories and worlds.
  • Hordes, Immigration, Slaves: The global climate might plunge into a mini ice-age, or suffer from a severe drought which can set in motion vast migrations and hoards, looking for their next meal, or fertile lands to settle on. Might be yours. Break the backs of slaves as they toil day and night plowing your fields and cleaning your latrines. They might not be happy about it though. Open your gates to all the kinds of strange races of Syx and see your economy and culture blossom from the diversity, or hate and racism tear your city apart.
  • Awesome Soundtrack: By this goddess , who plays like 50000 instrument
  • Story: Lastly, there will be a story mode with a set, but flexible timeline where you will play as heroes defeating the ultimate evil.

Early impressions:

Install instructions

The prototype represents about 50% the full game. There will be bugs and a prominent lack of information.

Check out this tutorial if you're need help: https://songsofsyx.itch.io/songs-of-syx/devlog/121752/a-beginners-guidetutorial

There are translations of this tutorial below.

If you get a black screen, or the game crashes when pressing play, then I'm sorry to say that you can't play the game yet. I've tried finding this bug for many years, but can't reproduce it. Sorry...

Please contact us if you have feedback, or have fallen victim to a bug!



  • 256MB RAM
  • 512MB VRAM
  • opengl 3.3 support
  • openal support


Download and extract the .zip file.


Double click SyxProto001.exe


Open the terminal
type: cd [path to SyxProto.jar]
type: java -jar -XstartOnFirstThread SyxProto.jar

(Alternatively try double clicking or running RunOnMacScript.sh)


Download and extract.
1 cd [path to SyxProto.jar]
2 java -jar SyxProto.jar


songs-of-syx-win-linux-mac-stable.zip 184 MB
Version 0.51.30 8 hours ago

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