Songs of Syx 0.48

This patch offers the following:

Reduced lagging

Some fixes, and you can run mega cities on the highest speed


New resource. Used primarily to build rooms.

Carpenter Room

Makes Furniture

Cut Stone

Used primarily for buildings

Stone cutter

Makes cut stone


Can now carry up to 25 items  + uses wheelbarrow

Stockpile increase

Crates can store more


Basic scripting engine


A playable tutorial, uses the script engine


Now requires workers. People can mourn in them.

Trees and water

Are prettier

Placable Trees

Same as monuments

Road degrade

Has been nerfed

Room Furnishing

Has been redesigned to enable prettier rooms

Smarter idling

Subjects are just smarter, makes smarter decisions, less walking around


An outpost that will do job /maintenance in the vicinity.

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Version 0.48.0 Oct 31, 2019

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